• Our most rustic grade. Shows signs of use and aging with unlimited knots and nail holes
  • Displays color variations ​​
  • Not all boards will have heart content


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Our wear layer exceeds industry standards providing a life span equivalent to solid planks

​​Typically laid over existing floors subfloors or concrete.​​ Can be nailed or glued

​Resistant to humidity.  Preferred in bathrooms, kitchens or basements

Can be sanded and refinished multiple times

Durable, great for high traffic areas​​

  • Salvaaged from barns and tobacco warehouses
  • Available surfaces -  Clean Faced, Hit-And-Miss or Original 
  • Rustic characteristics. Knots and nail holes are common


  • More frequent nail holes than Premium or Quarter Sawn
  • Knots  may be more frequent & larger



​​​​Typically laid over plywood subfloors

Can be nailed or glued

Durable, great for high traffic areas

Can be sanded and refinished multiple times



* Wide Variety of Lengths and Widths Available.  Please consult with installer

  • Resawn from barn wood timbers
  • Can be stained or left natural
  • Rustic characteristics. Knots and nail holes are common
  • Salvaaged from fences of the beautiful thouroughbred farms in Lexington, Ky
  • Available surfaces​ Hit-and-Miss or Clean Faced 
  • Rustic characteristics. Knots and nail holes are common

Reclaimed Oak is most often salvaged from Amish barns, tobacco warehouses as well as various factories.  It is a popular choice for high traffic areas, such as hallways, children's rooms and entry ways. It is often used in commercial applications. 



  • Tight growth ring patterns
  • Patterns are a blending of Quarter Sawn and Flat Sawn 
  • Very few knots or imperfections

Our greatest pride is keeping history alive.  If floors could talk … what would yours say?



​​​​​Reclaimed Heart Pine is made from the center (heart) of the tree.  It was widely used in the construction of mills and factories during the Industrial Revolution. Often times trees were up to 500 years old before they were harvested, which allowed time for the heart of the tree to mature.  Authentic antique heart pine displays a tight wood grain appearance and a deep, rich color that deepens with time.  It is extremely stable and naturally resistant to decay and pests.




We specialize in heart pine and oak. However if you are interested in a specific species please let us know as we will do our best to accommodate you.

Quarter Sawn

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  • Tight growth ring patterns
  • Straight lines, sometimes called pin-striping
  • May have occasional nail holes and small knots

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​​​It is important to consider usage and environment when planning for hardwood flooring.  We offer two methods of fabrication, solid plank and engineered plank.  The same premium timber is used in producing each, and therefore will look the same on the ​surface, however the foundations have important differences.

Our flooring is end-matched during the milling process.  End-matching is an additional process that produces a precise tongue-and-groove on the ends which gives the planks a snug fit.  Additionally, end-matching saves time and money during installation by eliminating waste and the need to cut each plank on site.  Most other reclaimed flooring manufacturers do not end-match.

​​Team Cashel is dedicated to producing the highest quality products available on the market. We rely on our skilled craftsman and state of the art milling techniques to maintain the natural beauty and characteristics that are unique to antique wood.​